The UK MS Register has collaborations with many other researchers from other universities who carry out active research into many areas of Multiple Sclerosis. By working with the MS Register they do not need to ask you for information that you may have already supplied to the Register. It was always one of our goals at the UK MS Register that we should be the first point of contact for MS research in the UK and working like this allows you to contribute to further studies, should you choose to, in a safe and privacy protecting way.

Researchers may have a trial or study that you could be suitable to participate in. Studies have set 'criteria', characteristics that you may fit as a participant, such as, your age, gender, MS type, treatment history or approximate location in the UK. These characteristics may make you suitable to join, or at least register your interest in a study. Any studies presented match the criteria that you have entered on the UK MS register.

You do not have to join any of these studies and your participation in the MS Register will not be affected in any way should you choose not to. Once logged in you will have the choice to join or register interest for a particular study.

If you have any questions you are of course encouraged to contact us at or to approach the researchers directly; Their contact email addresses are also given on the study page. We will only share some of your information with these researchers when you actually do join and then this sharing will be in a measured way only. Just the bare minimum data that they require as part of their studies.

As with all research you are free to leave a sub study at any time and we have provided buttons for you to leave.

Studies you are eligible for will be in a box titled "Eligible Studies". Please click one for more information. Clicking for more information is not the same as joining - there is a separate button to register your interest or join the sub study.

Active Studies